Cure Pain with Stretching & Massage

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How many people do you know go to the doctor for minor aches and pains and are given a pill to relieve the pain? Massage relieves these same aches and pains, for most minor soft-tissue injuries. Now wouldn’t that be nice not to have to take another pill! They only mask the problem and do not actually fix it.

Facilitated stretching is an extremely useful technique in the treatment and rehabilitation of soft tissue injuries. When used appropriately, it can safely and effectively help restore suppleness and flexibility to injured muscles. Massage alone can be effective in reducing pain and restoring flexibility to fibrotic tissue.  The addition of facilitated stretching fosters a dramatic reduction in the overall healing time and the restoration of pain-free motion.

As a massage therapist and certified personal trainer, I have the ability to work with injuries to the soft tissues in a way that few other practitioners do. When using facilitated stretching in conjunction with massage techniques to help rehabilitate injured tissue, I focus the stretch to a specific area of the muscle. The isometric contraction further activates the muscle and prepares the fibers to lengthen. It also helps to break free adhesions that have just been softened by the massage technique.

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