Unlock the Muscle of the Soul

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Unlock the ‘Muscle of the Soul’, the psoas muscle. It is one of the largest muscles in the body and it is a place where we often store stress or trauma. This can literally influence our mood and our outlook on life. Fear can inhibit our ability to think clearly, thus creating an unhealthy perspective that can harm us.

Being in a state of fear allows us to be easily manipulated. Advertisers and politicians have learned to capitalize on this biological aspect of humans. Unfortunately, our fast-paced lifestyles combined with our relatively low physical activity, causes our bodies to be ineffective at releasing built up stress. This manifests in our thoughts as fear or anxiety.

We store fear in the mid section of the body, hence, right in the psoas muscle. This muscle stretches from our lower trunk through our hips into the top of our thighs; it is used for core stability and the fight-flight reflex. Every time we see something that startles us, like an accident while we drive, or a violent scene in a movie, our brain sends signals to our body to respond by releasing epinephrine (adrenaline). These mental states, along with sitting for hours, shortens and causes tightness in the psoas.

Consequently, the shortening of the muscle produces hip, low back or sacral pain. I can release it for you, resulting in lengthening it, and get you on the road to recovery, fast! Since stress accumulates on an unconscious level, healing our bodies is a process that must happen consciously. There are several ways to do this, it requires gradual lifestyle changes and a practice of stretching (which I will teach you) and massage therapy.  I have had over 27 years of experience releasing my client’s psoas muscles. This is powerful because it helps teach our body how to relax the nervous system. Unlock the ‘muscle of the soul’.