Weekend Warrior

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Weekend Warrior Massage

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Enjoy a  Weekend Warrior Massage! Specifically designed with you in mind; I will focus on the areas that are over trained without causing much pain or discomfort to you! Despite its absence from a majority of adult’s lives, regular exercise is a key factor to good health. To try and make up for this, a growing number of adults are throwing themselves into vigorous athletic activities during the weekend. This is  labeled “weekend warrior”. Unfortunately, individuals who are relatively sedentary before enthusiastically partaking in a sport once a week, are particularly prone to musculoskeletal injuries. This is because the muscles, tendons and ligaments do not receive consistent conditioning. Practitioners rank the following athletic injuries among the most common: Rotator Cuff, Low Back Pain, Iliotibial Band Hip Pain or Plantar Fasciitis.

Weekend warriors have a better chance of staying injury free if they get massage therapy. Sports and working out causes micro tears in muscle and connective tissue.  Recent research has indicated that massage reduces the inflammation associated with these injuries and promotes production of mitochondria, the “powerhouses” of the cell that are responsible for producing energy for muscle contraction. Also treating the over trained muscles with trigger point therapy can significantly decrease recuperation time. Hence avoiding injury in the long run.

Massage is proven to enable optimal athletic performance. In combination with isolated stretching, it will heal your tired muscles and decrease your stress levels considerably. Whether you’re a serious athlete or a weekend warrior, regular massage can help keep your body in top shape.  Prevention and proper management of pain and injuries with the help of massage will keep you moving and having fun! Set up your massage today!