Winter Solstice

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winter solstice

As winter solstice comes upon us…..

You may now be feeling used to the longer nights. We are in a sacred place deep within our Self… our energy may look (and sometimes feel) completely dormant, but it is burning bright somewhere in our very core of being! Your job is to nurture it during this season and to remember that it is still there.

Massage Therapy can assist you in achieving greater flexibility, range of motion, and freedom from pain, AND it will allow your body time to heal. Transforming itself into the authentic you it is yearning for. Massage relaxes you into a state of inner peace, where you can be more in touch with what it is you want from life.

‘Asheville Massage by Brie’ provides a relaxing atmosphere which helps you to focus inward, increasing your awareness of how your body is feeling and how it reacts to various stress in your life.  This greater awareness helps you to identify any issues you are having and treat them before they become problems.

If we allow it, Winter can help us to focus our attention on our inner fire, our visions; allowing us to steer away from the accelerating demands of action to fulfill some cultural impossibility. If we are in sync with the Earth, our outer world will mean less, as our inner world expands. The light within will illuminate how we and our world could be.