Autumn Reflection

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Autumn is the time of evaluation and reflection. When life gets busy, it sometimes feels as if there’s no time for the sacred in the midst of everything else. However, if we rush through life without pausing now and again to ground ourselves and reconnect with our spirit in whatever way we know how, life can begin to lose its luster.

During this transition, what do you feel shifting & changing within yourself? This is always a great time of year to turn the gaze inwards and decide what seeds within ourselves we would like to nurture. I encourage nourishing the seeds of self-love over the coming months to discover the power to be whoever we are. To muster the strength to gather what is good and release what is not, and the wisdom to grow authentically from within. I have found that one of the best ways to give to yourself is to get a relaxing massage ~ schedule yours today!

The strength to generate positive change requires powerful and beautiful energy from deep within. Massage can awaken and nurture our most profound energies and connections, ideal during Autumnal change.

Whatever your beliefs or practices, finding a way to reconnect with a sense of the sacred provides energy, healing, and fuel for a better and more impactful life, lived from one’s deepest values.