Golf Game Gotcha Down?

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Would you like to perfect your swing and put an end to your bad golf game? Brie can apply specific massage techniques that include stretching, corrective exercises or movement therapy to increase flexibility and stability with the goal to improve your golf swing and to prevent injuries. You cannot play your best with pain and dysfunction, nor can you play at all when you have injuries.

Because of the force used in a golf swing and the repetitions that a golfer swings his clubs, muscle spasms are very common and are indicators that something is wrong. When your hips, glutes, low back and shoulder muscles are tight, this causes muscle imbalances. And when key muscle groups are tight, your body will get the necessary stability from wherever it can and most likely it is at the sight where, you have muscle pain now. If a weakness is present, the energy produced by the legs is unable to transfer effectively into the core and arms. Asymmetric (left to right and front to back) muscle tightness is the #2 cause of injury, previous injury is #1 reason.

A serious muscle spasm doesn’t release on its own and requires manual stretching or massage to help relax and lengthen the shortened contracted muscle. Make use a professional’s insight to dig a little deeper to find the source of why you are experiencing muscle spasms, pain or decreased range of motion. You may have limited or restricted movement in a joint below or above the sight of the injury or you may be over-training and/or you have an inadequate conditioning golf program, if any at all. Brie can help you identify these problems and may make recommendations for exercises or stretches for you to correct it. Call today to schedule!